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VILNIUS INTERNATIONAL FRENCH LYCEUM: French education made accessible

Would you like your child to attend the kindergarten or a school in France? There is one in Vilnius: Vilnius International French Lyceum (LIFV), the only international school in the capital of Lithuania which language of teaching is French and in accordance with the French national education program. The entire French education is accessible in Vilnius, from 2 to 18 years old. Thanks to new pedagogical adaptation programs, non-French speaking children are also able to attend the school without any requirement of level in French.

New building in the Old town of the capital

The new building of LIFV in the Old town, Subačiaus str. 7: Primary School, Middle School and High School

The school is located in 2 buildings: preschool classes (2-5 years-old) at Šilo str. 13, and primary school, middle school and high school (from 6 years old) classes are settled in new premises in the Old Town, Subačiaus str. 7. More than 530 students are currently studying in LIFV.

“The French School of Vilnius was founded in 1992, we are the first and the biggest international school in Lithuania. From now on, our elementary, middle and high school students will be able to study in spacious premises, well-located and adapted to educational requirements,” says Florence Llopis, the headmaster of LIFV.

Kindergarten and First grade of Primary School (2-6 years old) classes are settled in Antakalnis, Šilo str. 13

Open for non-French speakers

Pupils from 2 to 5 years old are accepted to the preschool regardless of nationality or spoken language. Older children are also welcome to join the school following the new pedagogical adaptation programs.

According to F. Llopis, more and more non-French speaking families are interested in the French education system: “In response to requests from families, we have developed a new system of adaptation classes for non-French speaking students. Our experience shows that even if a child starts learning French later, at the age of 15 for example, they can adapt and pass the Baccalauréat exam successfully. Thanks to adaptation programs, we have opened the lyceum for children whose parents are interested in quality French education but do not speak the language, ”says F. Llopis.

Part of a worldwide school network

LIFV is part of the AEFE network which unites 420 schools in 137 countries around the world. In all schools in the network, lessons take place according to the French national curriculum, so even when moving from one country to another, students can continue their learning. That is why the lyceum is especially interesting for families working in the diplomatic service or who travel a lot. However, such families today make up a relatively small proportion of all high school students. More and more Lithuanian families living in Vilnius are choosing the French education for their children.

Why choose the French education?

Linguistic diversity is an important criterion for families who choose the French education for their children. LIFV graduates speak 5 languages. In addition to French and English, children learn German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Lithuanian. They receive world-renowned certificates (DELF, DELE, Cambridge, Goethe).

The Lyceum is open to the culture of a welcoming country: Lithuanian children learn Lithuanian according to the program approved by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education, other students – as a foreign language.

Graduates take the French national exams and earn the French Baccalauréat diploma, that allows them to pursue higher education in France and abroad. This diploma is recognized throughout Europe and in most parts of the world. "Our lyceum students obtain very good results in graduation exams, making it easier for them to enter French higher education institutions looking for talented students from schools in the AEFE network," says F. Llopis.

Moreover, the goal of the Lyceum is to make French education accessible. The school proposes moderate tuition fees and functions as a non-profit organization, where all funds are used exclusively for school purposes. LIFV promotes humanistic values ​​and educates citizens of the world of tomorrow: intellectuals and polyglots open to dialogue, capable to discuss and think critically.

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