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Belarusian citizens and their family members have access to a simplified national visa

Following increased requests from Belarusia, due to unstable political situation, Lithuanian immigration  department issued a new simplified rules for belarusian citizens and their family members.

The process still remains complex and requires time and resources, however visa requirements are simplified, what helps to answer the specific situation in neighboring country.

From September 21, 2020 Belarusian citizens will be able to obtain a multiple-entry national visa valid for 6 months under easier conditions.  This requires the submission of a document confirming that he has sufficient funds and (or) receives regular income to live in the Republic of Lithuania for at least 3 months, or the obligation of a legal person of the Republic of Lithuania to ensure the receipt of such income.

Family members of Belarusian citizens holding a national visa or temporary residence permit will be able to obtain national visa  under the same conditions. The simplified procedure will be valid until March 21, 2021.

Information from Migration Department of Lithuania:


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