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Spousal support – expatriate partners should not be ignored

When relocating to a new country, it is not only the employee who has to adapt to the new environment, but also his/her family.

There is a clear notion that the success of a relocation is heavily influenced by the spouse’s/family’s well-being.

When relocating, not only is there a high risk of the spouse being unhappy, but this will also lead to pressure on the entire family. In fact, in 50% of cases, failure of relocation is due to family disfunction rather than any job-related issues. The general consensus holds that spousal satisfaction is essential for ensuring successful relocation.

Specifically, it is difficult for the spouse to adapt to a new environment, especially as they are unlikely to have a job.

We have specifically identified an issue with the language barrier. International expats are extremely unlikely to speak Lithuanian, which is often a requirement when seeking employment in Lithuania.

Spousal support is one of the many services offered by ReloKon. Our aim is to identify which factors are crucial in delivering an effective support service beneficial to expatriate spouses relocating to Lithuania. We therefore have identified different alternatives to overcome the language barrier, integrate better into social and cultural life in order to maximize our client satisfaction.

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