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Tips for Foreign Nationals Looking to Rent a Home in Vilnius (with prices)

Every year the number of vacant rental apartments is decreasing in the Vilnius market. In 2019 there are a bit more than 1000 free apartments to rent, while in previous years it was more than 1500. Around half of the contracts are being signed in September and October due to the study season and new job assignments.

Vilnius Old Town
Old Town Vilnius, Lithuania

7 Tips for Home Search

1. Furnished or not? Unfortunately, unfurnished apartment is offered in very rare cases, so better to stay flexible.

2. The prices you see in the advertisements are before the personal income tax that is 15% so be ready to pay more. 

3. In many cases, there is a note in the advertisement "agency tax is applied” which is usually 150-200 Euro. We see that as unfair tax although due to high demand on good apartments it is hard to avoid that.

4. The deposit (advance payment) in Lithuania is approximately 2-3 months of the rent price. At the end of the rent period, the deposit is returned to the tenant if an apartment is not damaged or there are no debts.

Winter in Vilnius
Winter in Vilnius

5. Some of the apartments are not likely to be rented to foreigners. Especially those with the lowest rent prices. We see several reasons for that. Despite the growing numbers of foreigners in the country that increases every year the overall percentage of foreigners remains low - a bit above 2% of the Lithuanian population. Therefore Lithuanians are not used to rent for foreigners especially with cultural differences. Besides, the landlords of cheap apartments usually do not speak English and it is more convenient for them to rent for Lithuanian students. Finally, negative publications in the media about the foreigners who damaged the apartment were throwing parties or did not pay the rent on time impacts the attitude and behaviour of the landlord.

6. The utilities of rented apartment remain in the name of Landlord (the owner) and there is no need to resign the contracts. The internet and phone contracts may be rewritten in the name of the Tenant.

7. While entering in rent agreement, carefully read the contract especially clauses related to periodic checks, utility payment, damages and penalties.

The Price Ranges of the Apartments in Vilnius


Studio apartment in Vilnius
Studio apartment Vilnius

Studio in the neighbourhood outside the city centre:

Not renovated studio: 200 euro - 250 euro

Renovated studio: 320 euro - 350 euro

Studio in the city centre:

Not renovated: 250 - 350 euro

Renovated: 360 euro - 500 euro

1 bedroom apartment in Vilnius
1-bedroom apartment in Vilnius


1-bedroom apartment outside the city centre:

Not renovated: 250 euro - 300 euro

Renovated: 380 euro - 500 euro

1-bedroom apartment in the city centre:

Not renovated: 300 - 400 euro

Renovated: 450 euro - 700 euro


2-bedroom apartment in Vilnius
2-bedroom apartment in Vilnius

2-bedroom apartment outside the city centre:

Not renovated: 320 euro - 450 euro

Renovated: 500 euro - 800 euro

2-bedroom apartment in the city centre:

Not renovated: 500 - 800 euro

Renovated: 600 euro - 1000 euro 

Luxury apartments in the prestigious neighbourhoods

2-3-bedroom apartment in the city centre or prestigious neighbourhoods such as Senamiestis (Old Town), Užupis, Žvėrynas, Naujamiestis (New Town), Antakalnis of the size over 100 square meters may cost from 1000 euros to 2000 euros per month also depending on the location, design, view and quality.


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