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Personalized Relocation Services to Lithuania


We designed our services to support companies and private persons in relocation to Lithuania. When your employees move to Lithuania, we can support them in getting comfortable at the new location, so they can focus on business straight away. We will take care of the complicated and tiring paperwork, deal with the authorities, and help in finding the employee and their family a new home. 

Our quality and reputation is supported by membership in the European Relocation Association EuRa and several international chambers of commerce.

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Please visit FAQ page to know more about corporate relocation services.

moving in
Relocation to Lithuania_relocation services Lithuania_Relocon_Moving in

Moving in

There are many things to consider and steps to take before relocating to Lithuania, from making sure all the documents are in order to finding a home and understanding the new environment and culture. We will support you with: 

  • Pre-assignment visit

  • Transportation of belongings

  • Housing

  • Cultural awareness training


It is vital that the employee gets back to normal operations as soon as possible. We ensure that the business continues running at full speed while the employees and their families are successfully settled:

  • Banking

  • Spousal support

  • Healthcare assistance

  • Schooling

  • Driving assistance

  • Home services

Relocation to Lithuania_relocation services Lithuania_Relocon_Settling
Relocation to Lithuania_relocation services Lithuania_Relocon_Legal and taxes
Legal and taxes

Navigating through the complexity of immigration laws, requirements, and language is complex and time-consuming, but can go smoothly and efficiently if you entrust it to experts. We will manage all the immigration steps including immigration permits, residency status, registration at the Tax Authority, and tax declarations both for the employee and their family members.

legal ad taxes

Just like moving in, the smooth closing of your assignment ensures the right focus and business continuity. However, this stage often under estimated in terms of time and complexity, so we are here to sort it all out, letting you to focus on whatever new assignment lies ahead:

  • Transportation of belongings

  • Management of deposit return

  • Closing of contracts

Relocation to Lithuania_relocation services Lithuania_Relocon_Departure
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