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Migration Law Changes from 1st August 2022 Effective to Blue Cards

Lithuania is further progressing in regulations related to highly skilled foreign talent attraction and retention. On 1 August 2022, the provisions of The Law On the Legal Status of Foreigners come into force, which is especially important for employers who employ highly skilled employees.

The amendments to the law are aimed at simplifying migration rules and making it easier to obtain a Blue Card:

  • The list of cases in which a foreigner is considered to have a high professional qualification has been supplemented by the third option: the professional experience of managers, as well as specialists in the field of information and communication technology services which a person has acquired at least for three years over the past seven years, has been equated to higher education qualifications;

  • There is no need to obtain a Work permit from the State's Employment Services for Blue Card applicants; therefore is no longer a list of professions that require high professional qualifications and whose employees are in short supply in the Republic of Lithuania;

  • For a foreigner whose profession is included in the list of high value-added professions, the wages to be paid have been reduced to a 1,2 average salary in Lithuania per month.

  • An employer intending to employ a foreigner holding a Blue Card issued by another Member State of the European Union will not need to provide information on the professional qualifications concerning the work to be performed;

  • The employment term of a foreigner is shortened to 6 months instead of 1 year

  • An employment contract for several employers may be concluded. In this case, the mediation letter is submitted by the first employer, but all employers must meet the conditions for obtaining a temporary residence permit;

  • A foreign blue card holder will be able to change the job function with the same employer without the permission of the Migration Department;

  • A foreigner will be able to get a job with another employer if they also stay to work with the current employer (who submitted a letter of mediation regarding the issuance of the Blue Card). Notification to the Migration Department is done within 7 working days;

  • If a foreigner intends to work in a highly qualified job with another employer after more than 1 year, it is enough to notify the Migration Department within 7 working days. A permit from the Migration Department to change employer can be obtained only when the employer is changed during the first year of employment and in case of loss of his job – within 6 months after the loss of work.

  • The family member of the Blue Card holder will be able to obtain a permanent residence permit more quickly – if he has lived in the European Union state without interruption for the last 5 years, of which at least 2 years without interruption – in Lithuania;

  • If the Blue Card holders or their family member, having obtained a permanent residence permit in Lithuania, leaves to reside in a non-European Union country, the permit will be revoked only if the alien lives in a non-European Union country for more than 2 years.



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