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Immigration to Lithuania has grown by more than 60% in 2019

According to the Migration Department of the Republic of Lithuania immigration is growing in 2019 and foreigners are choosing Lithuania as their destination country for many reasons: to study, work or start a new business, reunite with their family and etc. Recently, more and more foreigners are coming to the country for work purposes and the number of immigrating people of the professions that are lacking in the Lithuanian labor market is rapidly growing.

During the 7 months of 2019, 19 884 temporary residence permits were issued, of which 14 965, 68% - were issued for foreigners who came to work and they were in the list of missing professions. These are foreigners who have come to work as drivers of international freight transport vehicles, bricklayers, concrete workers, plasterers, welders, tailors and others.

Compared to 2018, the number of foreigners who immigrated to Lithuania for work purposes increased by 65% - from 9 084 to 14 965, while the number of incoming specialists whose profession was included in the list of missing professions increased by 61% from 6333 to 10 228.


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